What's Your Story?

Consider the following:

Do you have a desire to record a memoir for family and friends, but don't know how to go about it? Work with a writer who will craft each cherished story from digital recordings, transcribed and edited into a timeless record.

I will create an engaging memoir or short autobiography with you and for you. Projects start at $500. Editing of existing manuscripts, including coaching is at the hourly rate of $35.

memoirProjects include:
  • Interviewing
  • Recording
  • Transcribing
  • Revising
  • Research
  • Proofreading and Editing
What's your story? Let me help you share it with others.

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If you have not read my article Personal Crises: Gems or Clay? posted on my blog February 1, 2013, I invite you to check it out. It proved to be popular with my readers so I've re-posted it below (scroll down) for your enjoyment.

James Geddes Memoir WriterProfessional Freelance Writer

Jim Geddes brings a unique skill set to his writing. As an educator at both the high school and elementary school levels, he has worked extensively teaching writing and edited hundreds of stories. In 2002 Jim completed an MA in education at San Diego State University and was certified as a Reading Specialist. Over the last year he has written material for business websites and blogs, honing his interviewing and writing skills. Working with individuals to create their memoir has become his passion, and he has begun to write his own stories. 

Writing Memoir

Everyone is different in how they want to approach the recording of the special stories and moments of their life. My services include writing both memoir, or specific aspects of your life, and short autobiography - a more comprehensive approach to recording your life events yet short of a book length depiction. For a free one half hour consultation, contact me at:



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